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EMI, The Industry Leader in Feral Hog Trap Systems & Design


EMI Proudly Presents! The Hogzilla II
The Hogzilla II-G (Pictured on the Left) features a guiliteen style trap door. The Hogzilla II-S (Pictured on the Right)offers a double "Saloon Style" door. All Hogzilla Traps are 4' x 8' and fit in a standard long bed pick-up with the tailgate closed. Of course custom sizes are always available. $499.00



The Hogzilla II-C Model
The Hogzilla II-C Model is a (gate only) set-up for use in Corral applications. You build the corral ( or we can ) and then just set in the gates. When catching them in 1's and 2's won't cut the mustard, this may be what your looking for. Works great for municipalities and larger operations. $399.00



The Original "Hogzilla"
This 4' x 8' Trap is made from 1-1/2" x 14ga square tubing and features a single swing style door. A good solid trap. Easy to set. And yes, it will catch multiples. $599.00