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EMI offers Custom Agricultural Fabrication. Our Designs are most often "One of a Kind" Products designed to meet your individual needs.


Portable Show Pen (Swine)

This Portable Show Pen is Reletivly Lightweight and very Rugged. 4 panels constructed from 1" square tubing. Hog panels are inset within the tubing to protect your stock. Panels are bent rail for a nice finished look. Panels pin together for easy set-up and take-down. Individual panels are easily handled by one person. This finished "Swine version" measures 6'x6' or 36sq' of pen space. This pen comes with the rails primered only (not painted black as shown) Hog panel is galvanized 4ga. material. $600.00



Portable Show Stall Dividers (Swine)

A Simple Solution to a Simple Problem. This Portable Show Stall Divider is ideal for dividing up stock within a single show stall. This simple design expands from 4' to 6' and was made to divide different litters of show pigs within the same stall. 1" and 3/4" forks provide maximum stength. The 30" tall design allows easy step-over. simply wire in place and your done Dividers weigh approximatly 40lbs. Don't confuse this divider with the other $400.00 jobs your seeing out there. These dividers are $130.00

Custom Interior Trailer Gates
These Custom Interior Trailer Gates transformed this 1-Horse single stall trailer into a 3-Hog Cadillac. The revolving gate set up allows for easy load and unload while seperating stock during transport. Gates are fully removable and managable with 2 people. Gates are 4" off the trailer floor to allow for mats and bedding material. $680.00