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PH# 817-266-9314
PH# 817-266-9314

Eagle Mountain Industries LLC, is Proud to Introduce the Boar Bath!

The Latest in the EMI Line-Up of Quality Products.

Designed with the Stock Showman in mind, this unit is the ideal solution for the cold water usually found at most show barns. The Agri-Bath reduces stress on any animal increasing your appearance ratings during judging and hopefully... the auction! The Agri-Bath system is fully adjustable allowing the user to increase or decrease both water flow and temperature. The Agri-Bath delivers an increase in water temperature 40deg. @ 1.7gpm over the input water temperature. The Agri-Bath may also be run on a tank/pump system if no hard plumbed water is available. Ideal for equine, bovine, swine, K-9 and various other "ines". Yes...... Great for Humans Too! Use it Camping, RVing, at the Deer Lease wherever hot water is needed. Very efficient, when water flow is shut off at the spray nozzle, the unit shuts down saving your propane. Once the spray nozzle is depressed, the unit instantly fires back up.

Here's what
the Agri-Bath Comes With:
Custom Fabricated Cart - Ergonomic and efficient. Easy to Load Unload and maneuver.
Detachable Supply Crate - Store Soaps, Brushes, Dryers and Supplies. Everything all in one spot!
Instant Hot Water Unit - Vents through the top of unit (
Makes a great hand warmer!
Gas Hose with Regulator
25' of Hose on the output side.
Hose Reel
Spray Nozzle
Spray Nozzle Retaining Clip
2ea "D" Cell Batteries
Unit Measures: 42"H x 43"L x 22"W

Here's what
You'll Need:
A Full Propane Bottle (15-lb)
Water Source

These Units Are For Outdoor Use Only!

PH# 817-266-9314
PH# 817-266-9314